12 Months I Have Loved You

12 Months I Have Loved You

12 Months I Have Loved You. In honor of the 12 months we have spent together, I have compiled a list of 12 things about you that I adore. They are your...

1. Integrity – I greatly admire the honesty and morality you maintain even in the littlest of things. Even when you probably get away with cutting corners, you consistently choose to do the right thing.

2. Mercy – There are many times that you have been wronged by me or by others that you choose not to hold on to but rather to forgive and continue to bless them in amazing ways.

3. Encouragement – You are such an encouragement to me, spurring me on to fight for more truth in my life and reminding me in word and example to hold on to hope.

4. Wit – You have a way of landing subtle jokes with a touch of sarcasm and little twinkle in your eye that is so very witty; that and you always seem to have funny little stories and commentaries on life.

5. Honesty – Your proven honesty allows you to speak truth to others in all authenticity, and makes you deserving of much trust and respect.

6. Compassion – Your heart is moved to compassion at the sight of the brokenness of the world. This is one area in particular that I have seen more of lately as I have experienced compassion you show me when I am at my messiest.

7. Conviction – Though you see the world as more than just black and white, you are exceptionally good at picking out what things are essential to stand by and sticking by them under pressure.

8. Intellect – You think about life critically and can offer an opinion on pretty much any idea you are presented with. Your conversation is smart, funny and interesting. God has blessed you with a sharp mind capable of a lot.

9. Strength – You show strength in your ability to manage your emotions and fears without letting them lead your life or suppressing them out of existence. You use this strength to help others, as a great listener and speaker of wisdom.

10. Peacefulness – You are willing to battle out a potential conflict to establish a more lasting peace. That, and I have never seen anybody else look more peaceful than you do when you sleep.

11. Responsibility – I totally appreciate that you follow through on your commitments and step up to take the lead in difficult situations. You approach the tasks you undertake with diligence and see them to completion. As I often like to say, responsibility suits you well.

12. Bravery – Your willingness to rearrange your life to follow where you feel called a huge amount of bravery. You are also brave in the risks you take investing in people, knowing that this may bring on new problems. Perhaps most admirable though is the fact that your bravery is not based upon false pride or ignorance but in a humble competency.

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