13 Orange Roses

Orange roses

Orange roses

My boyfriend, now husband and I were celebrating our 1st Valentines Day together. The only problem was neither of us are that big into the holiday.

So we decided we would go on a date sometime around the 14th but wanted to stay away from the crowds.

I was scheduled to work evenings the whole weekend so our date plans were shot, or so I thought...

After a long day at work I arrived home to 13 orange roses and a card. The card was as far from Valentines day as anything, it had 2 penguins it.

Inside he had hand written a note describing the meaning of the flowers, orange was my favorite color, 13 roses for the 13th day of the month and 1 orange plastic rose to symbolize that even though the other roses will fade and die quickly the orange on will stay the same no matter what...

just like his love for me! It was the best Valentines Day gift ever!


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