30 Day Notice to Quit

Wait, wait, wait, don't be too hasty.  This 30 Day Notice to Quit sample form might not be what you think it is!

If you're on the search for a notice to hand over to your boss before you say your last goodbyes, this isn't quite it.  (But, don't be disappointed, try this This Sample Resignation Letter instead).

Not intended for employees wanting to give notice to their employment, this sample letter is intended for settlements between tenants and their leasing party. 

However short the termed leasing agreement may be, this form details conditions of when and how tenant’s possession is to end.



TO _________________________, Tenant in possession:

Take notice that your month to month tenancy of the herein described premises is hereby terminated at the expiration of 30 days after service of this notice on you, and that you are hereby required to quit and on said date deliver up to me the possession of the premises now held and occupied by you under such tenancy. 

Said premises are known as:

             __________[name of building]__________

             __________[    address     ]__________

             __________[city, state, zip]__________


This is intended as a 30 days' notice to quit, for the purpose of terminating your tenancy aforesaid.

Dated: __________________




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