A basket filled with a mothers love

Condolence Gift Basket

Condolence Gift Basket

Condolence Gift Basket I Thank God Every Time I Remember You Keepsake Photo Frame Your Life Was A Blessing Keepsake Photo Frame

I had recently lost my boyfriend, that I had moved to California, from Hawaii with. He had gotten into a bad motorcycle accident, and passed quickly. I was a wreck!

I loved this man enough to move my entire life to be with him, only for him to lose his. It happened so suddenly, that I had nothing. Our bank account was very low, he had just got a check and was on his way to deposit it, when, he was clipped by a teenager who had just got her license days before.

I felt cheated, angry, and scared. My mom felt so bad, she cried with me on the phone for days, and begged me to come home after we laid him to rest.

I also felt bad for his family, who had been so good to me right from jump, and wanted me to stay. I had so much to think about.

The day before Eric's services, I was in the bathroom getting sick, feeling down, when my doorbell rang. I answered to find an older man standing there, in tears. He hugged me, handed me a gift basket
, said he knew my parents for years, had known me as a child, and was so very sorry for my loss.

I invited him in, he tried to say No, but I told him I could really use the company. He quietly walked through my door.

I quickly learned that he was my Uncle Charles; my godfather, I had never had the opportunity to meet. It felt great to have some good news, I asked him to stay with me, as I went through the basket. He agreed, and cried all the way through it with me.

Inside was a http://www.thecomfortcompany.net/Sympathy-Books-Journals.aspx of people losing someone they loved, and how they were able to grow from it.

There was an envelope with tickets that I could use to go home whenever I was ready, some bubble bath, and the most beautiful pictures of Eric and I for framing that we had taken at our family house in Hawaii.

There was also a envelope with a whole lot of money in it to help with WHATEVER it said. My mom, and my entire family, had all put in what they could afford to help me get through this grief.

There was seven thousand dollars in that envelope. I used the tickets to go home a week later. I gave half the money to Eric's folks, and took the rest home with me.

It's been five years, and I still think about Eric...Every time I look into my four year old sons eyes. Eric the 2nd. I was also blessed with a bundle of joy from my lost love!

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