A Box of Happiness

by Ellie
(United Kingdom)

My husbands mother died recently and it was a very difficult time for us as a family. On evening as we were just sitting in our home alone in our thoughts someone came to the door and delivered a box to us.

Inside there were gifts chosen with care for each member of the family. My husband received a box of chocolates and a lovely book which was full of little quotes to help lift your spirits in a time of sadness and give you hope again.

I received a set of luxury toiletries and a little book again with quotes to cheer you. Our two girls each received a boxed set of make-up and nail varnish, just the thing to cheer up two teenagers who had just lost their beloved grandmother.

There was also a bottle of wine in the box and a card.

The card simply said that this was a box of love which the sender hoped would give us a little happiness amidst the sadness we were going through and help us to know that we are remembered at this time.

There was no name on the card, the gift was anonymous.

We have never been so touched before, that someone thought enough to go and get all these things, send them to us and yet put no name on the card, they did not want our thanks, they just wanted us to feel loved and cared for.

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