A Bright and Shining Sun

by Alison Dixon
(Flint, MI USA)

I remember closing my eyes tight and perspiring in thick drops of sweat. I remember the sweat falling on the nape of my neck teasing me for being so pathetic. You never looked my way, and you never looked away.

How could you have been be so flirtatious with me - and yet be so far away? Am I a fool for holding this pen in my hand thinking of ways to say the words that so many speak?

You approached me and my throat closed. You smelled so good, yet I was hardly able to breathe! Should I even try to explain what your scent made me feel?

I was falling, but was holding on trying to stay afloat. I lost even more ground as you got closer and looked at me - even more intensely.

I closed my eyes - again, because for some reason I didn’t feel worthy to be loved or looked at by you. But the sun lit up and the sky and I couldn’t keep my eyes closed anymore...I had to open them.

Your smile made me want to leave my cares behind and play. I grabbed a piece of paper out of my pocket and said “can I have your number?” that was the first we met.

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