A Bunch Of Hawaiian Style Wreaths For My Step Brother's Funeral

by S R

I had been wrapped up in funeral plans the last week of February. My step brother passed of cancer, and he had asked for a Hawaiian Ceremony instead of a funeral.

I had called my mother in Hawaii and was venting to her about how exspensive flowers were. I was complaining about all sorts of things, I was frustrated, grieving, and wondering how I was ever going to pull this off on my dads budget.

My mom told me to not worry about the flowers...and that she would handle it. I was unsure of what she would be able to do on such short notice, but anyone who knows my mom knows she is a miracle worker.

By the end of the week I had five halau's to perform and my auntie flying in from Honolulu to do the final words before we laid my step-brother to rest.

My dad was ultra sad with grief and I was worried for his safety and I had my hands full working, handling all the ceremony arrangements and tending to my father. It was hectic.

The night before the services I went to pick up my auntie from the airport. She was standing at the checkout counter, and when I came up to her, I realized she was talking to them about a flower pick up her sister in law had sent along with her on her flight.

After packing several huge boxes into the truck, I asked what all the flowers were for and who had she gotten them from. She looked at me funny, and said..."Baby, your moms sent me with all this stuff".

My eye's just poured in awe, and sadness. When we got to the house and unpacked it all, I fell to the floor and cried. She had hand made two huge wreaths to stand by his caskets side, that read, From your loving mother, and the other said, from your one and only daddy. In the other two boxes, were tropical flowers galore, and I felt completely at ease crawling into bed that night.

To understand what my mom did for my brother, let me tell you something private. My step brother was the product of a cheating spouse. My dad had slept around on my mother, and had another child with another woman. He always used to say he thought my mom hated him for breaking up my parents marriage, and honestly, I used to think he was right, until now.

However, my mother in her own way is the most forgiving, most loving person in this whole world, and she had never disliked my brother at all. She had given, me, my dad, and my brother the best thing of all in the end...her everlasting motherly love.

I will forever remember what she did for my brother that day, and I know he looks over her in awe.

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