A+ Classroom With Ms. Wolfe

by Anonymous

Below are reflections from an anonymous writer about a former teacher. While it is not a conventional letter it has some of the positive qualities that you find in good recommendation letters. Enjoy!

To Whom It May Concern;

It is late. I fell asleep after writing for several hours, but find myself writing yet again. However, this time it is a letter of recommendation for Ms. Wolfe rather than a term paper for my Psychology Class.

Ms. Wolfe was a high school English Teacher who played a significant role in the academic success I had during my last two years of high school.

In addition to be supportive she had a unique ability to push and challenge me in a way that made me want to not only do my best, but also to do better than everybody else.

Ms. Wolfe was also well-studied, cultured, and a lovely person; physically, spiritually and emotionally. I found myself wanting to be just like her when I grew up.

In closing, Ms. Wolfe is the best English Teacher ever, and as a past student I highly recommend her for any teaching position anywhere.


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What were you doing while she was teaching?
by: Anonymous

You have too many grammatical errors in your letter. If Ms. Wolfe was such a great teacher,why didn't you learn better grammar. It would be a great letter if it were a recommendation for a math teacher, perhaps.

Lanard's Comments Thanks for the submission..

you can push more
by: Anonymous

Sometimes unconventional writing can effect your audience just the right way. I think your letter could have stretched the boundaries of conventional writing a little more.

You mention that the English teacher was the best and that she was a big influence. I want more! Tell us about what made her the best, why was she so influential.

This is a good start, but don't hold back and don't be reluctant to ?push the envelope? a little more.

If You Want A Uniquely Different Recommendation Letter Then This Is It
by: Anonymous

I must admit that when I started Reading this Letter of Recommendation I was struck with a feeling of it being a little offbeat and outside the norm of what most people would write...and how they'd write it.

But as I read it again and again I was also impressed with how cool the letter is. In the end I think it works well from a former student's perspective, but that it might not if the circumstances were different.

Thanks for this refreshingly different Letter of Recommendation. I think others will have fun using it as a sample to write their own.

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