A Decent College Letter Of Recommendation

by Jeremy Proctor
(Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK.)

This letter of recommendation is very similar to the one a Mathematics teacher wrote for me to attend UCL in London. It was a very quickly-written letter, but informative in content.

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to write a letter recommending Jeremy for a place to study Computer Science and Mathematics BSc at your esteemed university.

Jeremy has been a diligent scholar and altogether a hard-working young man during the last seven years I have known him; five of which have been as a personal tutor. He is very keen to study most aspects of the Sciences but he has decided he would be most suited to the rigorous course in Computing and Mathematics provided by your university.

We have discussed how this would enable him to focus his analytical talents and further hone his skills in expanding and applying his knowledge. He is extremely keen to find work or further opportunities to study in the field of Mathmatics and Computing.

As a student and in the wider school community, Jeremy is punctual and always cheerful. He has never submitted work to me which I feel has been any less than his best; he has consitently been placed in the top half-dozen students in his year for three years in a row. He has also always shown himself to be willing to help others who he feels he can assist in any way he can. University is the place where Jeremy can develop his academic gifts further and aim for further study or decent career opportunities.

Please be assured that if given the chance he richly deserves, I feel Jeremy will display to you the same talnets and mature sense of self-discipline he has shown to myself and my colleagues. He has not always had the privilege of the best environments in which to study, and it is for this reason combined with his incredible scholastic and personal achievements, that I would like you to accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Jeremy's place in your university. He will be able to show how students and universities are both assets to one-another, a privilege which I feel he has rightfully earned and will happily be responsible for.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Bradford PhD. MA.

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