A Gift Basket Garden

by Angela H.
(Columbus, OH)

For Mother's Day I truly wanted to give her something special. I had thought of everything - perfume, jewelry, and even some gift cards to somewhere that she loved. Sadly they all seemed to be average, normal, and been given before.

One early morning I awoke early and noticed that my mom was outside in the front yard doing a little work. She was clipping the small bushes that had grown a little too big with scissors that were meant for arts and crafts. There was dirt on her hands and pants but surprisingly she was smiling and actually humming. Then it hit me!

Gardening was something that my mom truly enjoyed. So I went out to construct the best garden gift basket known to man. Gathering things from high and low, I thought I had covered all the bases.

Mother’s day came around and it was time to present my prize. As she opened the basket and removed each item I explained why I had picked each one.

Seeds for new beginnings, a shovel to throw away excess baggage, a hoe to weed out the problems, just to name a few. My mother was delighted with the gift.

Every morning I see her out there with her garden and I sense that she is in a place of serenity. I gave my mother something in that gift basket more than I had initially known.

It wasn’t merely tools for her garden but tools to cope with life and time to become wise from it. You never know how a gift basket can change someone’s life. It’s the simple things that make it all worth while.

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