A Gift Basket is the best thing for a bad day at work

by Eryn

I have a best friend who lived with me for many years. We were very close, and when she moved away it was hard to be the good friends we always had been - that is, except with those little things that only friends know about.

She'd been having a rough time of it at work - everyone needed to put in overtime and she was stuck with someone she didn't like. I had the perfect solution, knowing what was coming. On the day she called me to tell me she was thinking of quitting, the box arrived.

Chocolate of every kind she'd ever loved, like in this
Sneaker Snacker - WebGift
with a simple label: "Bite Me".

It made her day better, and so she called me again to say life was good and chocolate was better.

It's good to keep in touch, and nothing says "I still love you" like unexpected gifts.

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