A Highly Motivated and Altruistic Individual

by James
(Seattle WA USA)

College Letters of Recommendation

College Letters of Recommendation

When looking for samples of College Letters of Recommendation to share with you and other readers I was set on them all looking the same - at least in terms of the style and format that I wanted them to conform to. Initially, the one below didn't fit the format at all, and it took me a while to tweak it more to my liking. I'm glad I stuck with it. Enjoy!


Dear Admissions Officer,

Through my position as a guidance counselor at __________ High School, I have have come to know Thornton Braker individual very well.

His academic excellence is self-evident, as a quick look at his transcripts will attest. However, what strikes me as most remarkable about him is his constant drive to go beyond course requirements in search of more challenging and rewarding experience. His internal drive is infectious and often motivates his student peers to do the same.

One of Thornton's life goals is to foster a love of learning and incisive thought in others.
What better place to receive the training he needs than your university, which is arguably one of the finest teaching universities in the United States.

In closing, it is for these and other reasons that I recommend Thornton Braker for admission into your university and if given an opportunity he would excel in his studies and be a fine ambassador of your school.

Your Name

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