A Letter Of Recommendation For Rashad Evans

Below is a Letter of Recommendation for an employee who applied for a Corporate Vice President of Quality Assurance with another company, written by the employee's CEO.

Jim Micali, CEO
Michelin, North America
1000 International Dr.
Spartanburg, SC 29304

To whom it may concern:

As Chairman and CEO of Michelin North America, I have worked with Rashad Evans as I led our company to success even in the midst of economic challenges. Thanks to Rashad, I was able to come through with reduced operating costs and increased productivity while maintaining overall quality of production for the past 10 years.

Because of my intimate personal acquaintance with Mr. Evans, I know him to be a loyal friend, and an employee dedicated to high personal and corporate standards. I am happy to recommend Rashad to be your Corporate Vice President in charge of Quality Assurance. He has an exemplary record here at Michelin and though we will miss him, we know that he will be a strong asset to your company.

Mr. Rashad Evans first came to my attention when he was a junior executive in our production department. We had one big batch of truck tires come off the line and fail quality tests. This was a large loss to our company and we were investigating what went wrong. After a week of investigating, Rashad came forward with a statement accepting that the faulty tires were a direct result from faulty instructions he had given to plant management.

I was impressed that Mr. Evans was a man of such personal integrity that he was willing to bring his own error to light and accept responsibility for it. Most in his position, would have found one of the many subordinates of his on which to assign blame. It was at this time I realized that I needed Rashad to work beside me as we labored to streamline our manufacturing operation.

Over the years I have been impressed by Rashad’s personal commitment to excellence and by the way his example has inspired others as well as myself. A man of such broad character, congenial personality, and aura of leadership is sure to be a wonderful asset to any company, especially yours.

If you would like to discuss Mr. Evans’ record in more detail, feel free to call my office and I will be glad to accommodate your inquiry.

Best regards,
Jim Micali, CEO

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A Long and Winding Road
by: Anonymous

Jim. Your letter is a good example of how personal recommendation letters should be written. It contains concrete examples of the candidates skills and abilities.

I have to admit, though, that I wasn't too sure about how it was going to end, as you started out with a focus on you and your successes verses the the person you wrote the letter about.

However, it ended as a very strong endorsement him.

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