A Letter on Behalf of A Close Personal Friend

by Michael Hro

This is letter of recommendation for college written by a young man's boss.

It's unusual with regard to form, but it makes up for it with a raw sense of directness and passion.


To All Interested Parties:

The purpose of this letter is to introduce to you someone I think fits the mold of the type of applicants your University is looking for. The young man’s name is Alan Parker.

It was three years ago when Alan first began to work for my landscaping company after school. Although he was a joy to have in classes, I felt I only truly got to know him on the work site. Over the course of time I have realized that he is one of my hardest working dedicated and positive employees I have.

It’s not always easy working in the landscaping business. Over the years I have learned to spot a person of good character quickly, and one thing I have noticed about Alan is that he always helps the other employees.

He is also a caring individual who even helps people he doesn't know. For example, I often see him giving out money to homeless people after work on Fridays.

In short I think that the least I could do is to urge you to give Alan a chance to attend your institution. I can think of no one else I have met more deserving of the opportunity.

Michael Hro

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