A Love Letter For My Hubby

by Trina

We started out with a date just before we went to Prom in 1996. I think you knew that I wasn’t thinking about you in a romantic way, but as a friend.

What changed my opinion of you at the end of the Prom night was when you asked me on another date and was so forward about it.

I knew you were nervous in asking me and had put your heart on the line, so right there a little bit of me opened up to you and gave you a chance to be my boyfriend.

From then on we shared long drives around town, movies, nights eating out and lots of laughter and conversation. You loved to talk about politics, me about relationship issues with friends and family, but we could never stop talking.

When we got on the phone with each other, we could talk for hours and hours-so much my dad commented, “What more is it that you two have to talk about?”

We always found more to say, and even after we got married in 2004, we are still talking and keeping the communication alive.

We are expecting our first child in July of this year, and I can only hope that our child sees the love we have for each other in our eyes.

I know you will be a great father who will have a lot to tell our children about all areas of life, just as you have talked to me about those things.

I expect we’ll share our love of travel with our children as well (it started out with those little car rides all around town), and now it has progressed to long road trips across the USA.

I believe you will also share your artistic side with our children and your love of the outdoors as well as the rain. The rain always seems to bring out your tender spirit, and I love that side of you.

May we never grow bored with each other because I like seeing you come home to me after a long day at work and I enjoy being the first at the door to give you a kiss on the cheek and tell you “hello.”


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