A Love That Will Never Fade

You waited so patiently for me to grow up and accept TRUE love. When I finally did it was an experience that words cannot describe. Similar to those who find it nearly impossible to describe what a "near death" experience was like, so I find the love you helped me discover another shot at life which is something beyond my ability to explain to others.

The only one I can truly explain it to, is you. The one who I can't even finish this sentence without starting to tear up as I remember what we had.

Everything about you is beautiful and the thoughts and memories I have of you are so real and intensely passionate that I know it's a love that will endure forever, never to fade like a sunset on the horizon.

Now, as you once waited for me I have no choice but to wait for you. How I could let something so incredible slip away is my great wound. I try and tell others to not make the same mistake I did when they find true love, but ultimately they will do what they do, and then they too will understand how special true love is, or isn't.

If you do find it, and it's not too late - grab hold and never let go. I would do anything to have you back, anything to walk side by side again, hand in hand, catching your eye and that accompanying smile as we walk any and everywhere.

God either has a sick sense of humor, or a reason for letting me grasp onto something so heavenly only to take it back... quickly. I will trust he does and remember you my love. Maybe some day He will let me know your love once more, and if he does you can trust me that your thoughts, desires, the warmth of your embrace, and every ounce of your being will be closer to me than my own heart beats.

And if it's true that time stops still, and I'm with you, I will be the happiest man alive - embraced in the arms of the woman I love so dearly.

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