A Man's Rose

by Sterling
(Spring, TX, USA)

Years after the roses

Years after the roses

Years after the roses Our first guy - hope he'll get roses, also

Who would have thought? Up until this point in my life, I was accustomed to seeing men give flowers to women. Indeed, I had even given flowers to girls, myself.

Valentine’s Day 1999 changed that for me. I had asked the girl of my dreams to marry me four and a half months previous. It was rather romantic—I flew to see her solo with the University Orchestra (we lived 1,500 miles apart), then I took her to a mountain where I played the guitar and sang a song I wrote in which I proposed.

But, I digress. We had a very fun engagement during which time we exchanged gifts, sent letters, e-mailed constantly, and looked forward to our marriage in July.

Valentine’s Day came and I came home that night to a box sent to me by my fiancée. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe the creativity of the woman I was to marry in a few short months.

She had created stems out of floral wire, and then at the top, there was tissue paper resembling petals of a rose. The tissue paper shrouded a couple of Hershey kisses in each rose.

What a lucky man I already was, and I continue to be a lucky man, today. I’m forever grateful for the amazing individual creative attention that my sweetheart gives to me.

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