A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation for Nathaniel E. Long

by Betty M. Thomas
(Walpole, MA, USA)

Betty M. Thomas

Betty M. Thomas

The Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation below is for an employee who developed new channels of marketing that resulted in high quality, high value contracts.

Cynthia G. Luster, HR VP
2343 Bell Street
New York, NY 10016

Re: A Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation for Nathaniel "Nate" Long

Dear Ms. Luster,

Nate doubled my company's sales in 6 months with his innovative guerrilla marketing program.

From what Nate tells me about OilPrograms.com, your firm is in a similar business to mine: LPstar.com is an affinity services agent for mid- to large-sized LP gas distributors. We face many of the same client issues that your firm does in the oil arena.

Nate is a self-starter and a quick study; not a yes-man or a superficial consultant - he really got down to key issues by interviewing our staff and customers.

Based on his solid base of interviews and market research, he prepared a simple, but unique method of reaching out to new potential clients. He used channels we had not thought of, but which now have proven extremely fruitful in new high-quality, high-value contracts for LPstar.com.

Here is a business consultant who delivers what he promises, on time, on budget, and with a can-do attitude. Nate was recommended to me by a colleague at LeaseTech.com where he also created a successful affinity program.

Please call or email me 8-8 Eastern if you would like to speak with me about my very positive experience with Mr. Long and his consulting methods.

Very Truly Yours,

Betty M. Thomas, President
1439 Farland Street
Walpole, MA 02081
tel. 774-209-5437
email. ThomB@lpstar.com

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More Feedback
by: Lanard

Betty - just thought you'd like to know that your reference letter for Nate Long has become one of the three most visited pages for people looking for a "sample recommendation letter" on my site.

It caught me by surprise because it's a fairly recent submission and is getting more visits than pages that have been up for a lot longer than yours.

This is also a note inform surfers who don't already know about - they may want to see for themselves what th buzz is all about.

This Is a NIce Reference Letter
by: Lanard

Betty - I would think that Mr. Long would have been proud of this letter of recommendation. It's not cookie cutter like at all. Instead, it's very personalized and points out his strengths for all to read and consider. Thank for submitting it.

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