A Promise of A Future

A Promise of a Future; From Sample Love Letters

A Promise of a Future; From Sample Love Letters   

My Dearly Beloved Joje, A year and nine months full of beautiful memories, laughter and emotional hurt has passed us together. I have been in relationships before but ours is not only exciting but the most mature.

I have often told you how beautiful you are...but I don't only mean your face but the beauty you create in my life for being in it. I am so proud of you my darling, of your kind and generous heart, your ability to make me laugh even in my lowest moments, your maturity in our relationship and most of all your deep love for me.

We may not have the most in life right now, we may still be struggling to make ends meet and we may still be uncertain of our future but this I know in my heart, my love for you only grows and grows. I never knew that my heart could expand this much.

I cannot give you anything that I don't have, I don't want to promise riches or wealth. I can only promise that I will persevere and commit myself to you and to building a better future for us. A future where we are together free to love and free to be happy.

With all my heart,

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A Word About Sample Love Letters

"A Promise of A Future" makes writing a love letter easy. It's different because it doesn't just talk about good times in a relationship, but it also addresses times that were hard.

When my wife and I first started out we didn't have much in the way of money or possessions, but we had each other. And although we wanted nice things in life we didn't measure our relationship by what we owned, but instead by our love for one another.

I loved her from the first time I saw her and wanted to make her happy. Promise of A Future reminds me of the beauty of love and how enduring it can be.

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