A Racy Gift

by T. Renee Perry

Speed up his heart rate outside of the bedroom with this unique, romantic gift that'll knock his socks off. If you've got some money to burn and a massage kit just won't cut it for your main man, try one of Cloud 9's adventurous gifts.

Sign you handsome honey up for the Ultimate Exotic Car Racing experience. You love-dove will get a chance to drive five of the world's most exclusive supercars including the Ashton Martin Vantage, the Porsche 997S, the Audi R8, the Lamborghini and the Ferrari F430 F1.

Open the throttle and speed your way around the Auto Club Speedway Interior Road Course or the Las Vegas Speedway Road Course. No need to worry about your honey buns getting hurt either.

His experience will start out with a technical briefing in which professional drivers will provide instruction on proper driving position, steering techniques, and proper breaking and acceleration guidelines with these powerful vehicles.

The professional instructors provide these racing tips and techniques to ensure your beloved's safety and to maximum his pleasure of the racing experience.

Packages start at 25 laps, five laps for five cars. All racing vehicles are equipped with an on-board video system. Every daring turn and high speed straight can be captured as a keepsake of his racing experience (available for purchase separately from racing experience). Although there can only be one occupant in the racing cars, up to 3 guests are allowed as spectators, free of charge. (It is possible to invite more than 3 spectators for additional cost).

Take a look at this racy gift!

When it's all over, said and done, your sweetie gets a Racing Completion Certificate he can proudly place on the mantle. So give your man free reign to feed his need for speed – after all don't all men like to go fast?

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