A Rose and Its Magical Power

Valentine Day Roses That Made a Difference. 2 years ago, my partner and I went through an extremely rough patch. After his business failed, both of us became jobless and had a lot of trouble financing our daily lives.

A large part of our time was often spent at home as even the cost of an unnecessary bus ride was not what we could afford to waste.

Naturally, being put in some situations will either tear a couple apart or pull them closer together than ever. Being a very young couple then, we didn't deal with it very well.

Disagreements happened every other day and nasty words were sometimes exchanged.

On Valentine's Day, I attempted to prep myself to expect no presents...given our financial situation. However, that did not stop me from feeling extremely lousy and envious of the other couples around us.

I allowed those emotions to turn into anger and started a fight out of nothing at all.

A couple of hours later, he came home with a stalk of roses in his hand - clumsily wrapped as it was purchased from a poor handicapped girl in the neighborhood.

At that very moment, I realized how much this relationship meant for both of us. The best bouquet received on the most meaningful valentine's ever.

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