A Rose Worth Waking Up For

Valentine's Day is something many women look forward to and dream about, but not me. Working in a florist and having a boyfriend that doesn't recognize this trumped up Hallmark holiday as something women look forward to was quite disappointing.

My boyfriend wasn't the mushy, lovey-dovey type and I didn't think that he would be planning anything special for the upcoming day.

As the weeks passed and the day grew closer he didn't mention one word about wanting to go out to dinner or even having just a romantic night in with candles and a home cooked meal.

My sadness grew as I watched at work while men came in to place orders for beautiful flowers and chocolates for their lovers and I wondered if my boyfriend was missing the "sweetheart gene."

The big day came with still not a word from my boyfriend and I just chalked it up to just another day, nothing special.

Thankfully I got off on Valentines Day so I didn't have to be surrounded by all those bouquets knowing none of them were made special for me.

I jumped in my bed, buried my head under the covers and figured I'd sleep through the whole day and carry on as if life weren't so depressing, tomorrow.

To my surprise there was a knock on my front door. I cautiously walked down stairs, I wasn't expecting any visitors. I opened the door and there was a delivery man holding a long white box. He asked if I were Lisa Gibbons, to which I surprisingly replied, "yes!"

I grabbed the box out of his hand and thanked him as I slammed the door in his face. I eagerly opened the box to see what awaited me. Inside was a beautiful set of 2 dozen long stem yellow roses, my favorite.

I know most women would expect red, pink or even white roses on Valentine's Day, but my boyfriend remembered, all the way back from when we first started dating 3 years prior, that yellow was my favorite rose color.

I guess he cared more then I thought. Now what to do to show my utter appreciation....

--- Lucky Lisa

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