A Special Condolence Gift For My Cousin Akhmad

My cousin and I were really close as children. We grew in different stages, I matured faster than he did so we were very irritated to see each other sometimes even though we lived only a block away.

My cousin and I still had a passion for soccer so we continued to play together against rival teams during out pickup games and it became a time of bitterness and forced cooperation between me and him when we were both in high school.

Soon he out grew his rebellious nature and we still discussed those years we had bitterness in our hearts for each other.

When he died last September, I did not even know what to do or where to begin with my life. We used to drive together, eat at fast food restaurants and hang around a lot.

He was my closest friend and I felt I needed to show his family some way that I really, truly and deeply cared about Akhmad so I bought the family a very soccer themed condolence gift.

I bought them a basket in which I had arranged pictures of Akhmad as a youngster with a soccer ball and me and him holding hands and being jolly and I filled it with turkish delights (Akhmad's family loved these and it was Akhmad's favorite of all sweets).

I hope his family understood how much I loved Akhmad and how much I missed him in my life and I hope to one day play the most beautiful game of soccer in heaven. I will shower him with endless amounts of turkish delights and will rejoice in happiness forever.

RIP Akhmad

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