A stunning suprise

by Paul R
(Paris, France)

I t had been a long and dreary winter. I had been traveling throughout Europe for the past three months. It was so hard to believe that we had been apart for almost half a year.

Ours was a shaky relationship. Equally full of passion and pain. We had been seeing each other for almost two years, and I never had imagined that we would be anything other than happy and together. Everything was going so well when life dropped a surprise in our lap.

My former wife and I had been divorced for over five years. The terms of our settlement called for her to raise our beautiful 4 year old daughter, Anastasia. I had finally learned to deal with the fact that she was not going to be part of my everyday life.

Suddenly, without any warning she contacted me through our attorneys. She had to take a job in Russia, and Anni couldn't go with her. Maura( my ex) was an officer of the world court, and was going into some risky places and doing some risky things.

She asked if I could take little Anni for the next six or so months. I was thrilled, but was not too sure how my current flame would take it. When I told Samantha ( my fiancee) that we would be caring for my daughter she freaked out. She was already jealous, and a little insecure when it came to kids.

Sadly we could not come to an agreement, and I headed off to France with Anastasia. We were staying at a small hotelier in Paris. One evening when we got back to the room we were surprised with 2 bouquets of roses. One red, one yellow.

The card inside was from Maura, and she said that she couldn't live without us. The best part was that two minutes later she jumped out of the closet and embraced both of us. Our tears could have kept those roses watered for two weeks.

Those roses were without doubt the best I've ever received.


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