A Tea Rose for Christmas

by Stacey
(Melbourne, FL, USA)

When I was a young girl, my mother wore a perfume my father gave her when they were dating called Tea Rose. It was only used on special occasions because the bottle was almost empty and as far as she could find it was not made and sold any longer. It was a treasured scent in my life.

When I grew older I had a boyfriend who liked nothing more than to see my face light up from a surprise. He was constantly listening for little things to make me smile and once, I told him the story of my mothers perfume. That Christmas, the last gift he gave me was a bottle of Tea Rose. To know that he had gone to the effort to look into finding that for me, had even enlisted the help of his Aunt, meant worlds to me. It is still a treasured possession and has become my special occasion perfume, just like my wonderful mother.

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