A Trail of Roses and Hearts

My first ever Valentine’s Day with my partner was truly surprising!

My partner knew that I had never had a special someone for Valentine’s before.

Traditionally, I spend Valentine’s Day watching silly movies with a group of fellow single grouches.

I had told her she really didn’t have to make a fuss and she agreed. We planned to meet for dinner at her house, which is in the woods.

At 7pm I drove up and was disappointed to see that the house looked dark. I went inside and saw a trail of red rose petals.

The hallway was dimly lit and I could hear the strains of Enya in the background, an artist both of us find calming.

I followed the trail of rose petals to the dining room where she had arranged a spray of red roses across the table.

I opened a beautiful card and a heart-shaped piece of felt dropped to the floor. My darling had embroidered one reason to love me on it.

I then proceeded through the house. Every room had an arrangement of flowers, a card and an embroidered heart. This was amazing, but I was really starting to wonder where she was.

The trail of rose petals finally lead me to the backdoor and outside. My partner had set up a sweet little gazebo, hung it with lights and served dinner right there.

It was the best first Valentine’s Day ever!

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