A Walk In The Rain For A Rose

by Kiefer

Would you walk in the rain to get your first love a Valentine Day Rose? Kiefer did. Here's his story...


I was 15 and in love...or so i thought at 15, and not having a car meant not having alot of freedom.

So it was me and my girlfreinds 1st (and only) valentines day together and it was raining. So being romantic I went to the store and walked 3 miles to my girlfreinds house to give her a flower. She took the flower and said its just not working out.

So I went to my freinds house who talked me through it as best as he could. His sister walked into the room and shortly after he left.

Me and his sister talked about how relationships suck and one thing led to another and we ended up spending Valentines Day together. It was all in all a great day even if I ended up with some one Ididnt excpect. Happy v-day and remember...love pops up in random places!

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