Acknowledged Resignation

This Acknowledged Resignation sample letter serves as a signed acknowledgment between employee and employer. 

Simple, professional...and effective.

So, if you have an employee who has submitted a resignation letter, or have let them know of their intent to do the same, this letter is the perfect instrument to acknowledge the same.  

It is a simple way of communicating that the gateway for correspondence and future communication will be welcomed.

It's not particularly much in length, but that is only because it gets straight to the point.  Clean, simple, concise, it is just the form you need.


Date: ________

To: ______________

Please be advised that the undersigned hereby resigns as (Position/Title) , of the corporation effective upon acceptance. 

Please acknowledge acceptance of said resignation on behalf of the corporation.

Very truly, 


The foregoing has been accepted pursuant to vote of the directors/stockholders of the corporation effective _________, 19__.


          For the corporation


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