Acknowledgement From Publisher Comments Referred To Author

With this Acknowledgement from Publisher Comments Referred to Author letter, you will navigate the publishing world with ease.  

As an author, every chance you get to engage your readers is a chance to gain a new follower.

Taking every chance is a must!

As a publisher, you realize this key to success in the writing field, and are practically biting at the bit to share readers' responses with the author.

Feedback by way of constructive criticism does more than inspire writers to put their best foot forward.

It fuels them to stretch their imaginations and dig deep within the constraints of the craft to bring forth something powerful, significant.

If all of that can be sparked with just comments from readers, it would be a shame to keep such inspiration hidden.

Try this letter.  

It will get you the best responses from both author, loyal readers and in turn may entice new subscribers of your publications. 


Dear __________,

Thank you for your comments. A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the author for his response. I am sure you will be hearing from him in the near future.

I am pleased that you found our article informative and hope that you will continue to read our publication. Should you have any comments or questions in the future, please do not hesitate to write to this office.

We value our readership and are proud to have you as a member of our family of subscribers.

Best Regards,


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