Acknowledgement Notification of Lease Transfer

Using the Acknowledgement Notification of Lease Transfer below makes changing leasing companies a snap. It requires little modification

on your behalf and only for detailing purposes. The agreement between parties with leasing arrangements can get sticky....if you don't have anything down on paper that is!

Because having proof of the arrangement is a necessity, templates such as this one are a great asset to have, written and ready.

So, when time is short but you need to get it done quickly a template like this one can be exactly what you need.

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[name of leasing company] has received a notification that the equipment we are leasing to [name of previous lessee] will be transferred to and/or used by the [transferee.]

We have modifed our records to direct future invoices to:

[new lessee]



Schedule # 000000 commenced on [date] and rental payments in the amount of $____ plus applicable taxes are due on the [date] of each month during the [number] month initial lease term.

In consenting to this change, it is understood that [name of transferee] agrees to pay the rent and perform all other obligations required to be performed by the lessee in the lease.

Should you have occasion to correspond with us regarding this lease, please include the complete lessee number and direct your inquiry to our Customer Service Department. This will ensure a prompt reply.

Thank you and we look forward to your continued interest in our services.

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