Acknowledgement of Modified Terms

An Acknowledgement of Modified Terms form is a must when making amendments or changes to written contractual documents. 

Having changes or alterations in agreements of any kind should always be noted, recorded and shared with all parties involved.

Taking time to update things as you go along will save time, money and potential misunderstandings. 

A rule of thumb to be governed by is "if it's not in writing it doesn't exist"? 

Get it! Got it? Good!  

Now use it!


Date: _________________

To: _____________

Reference is made to the contract or order between us dated ______, 19__. This letter will acknowledge that the contract is modified and superseded by the following change in terms:

[Describe changed terms]

Unless we immediately hear from you to the contrary, we shall assume said modification is mutually agreeable.

Very Truly,

Your Name

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