Acknowledgement of Receipt of Estimate

Prepared to put plans into action, then Cue this  Acknowledgement of Receipt of Estimate sample letter.  Before getting started on expensive 

and time consuming projects, what is the first logical thing to do? 


Get an estimate. 

This sample letter is just one of a series of correspondence you will need in order to have all steps of the process acknowledged and recorded. 

The following confirms the stated and agreed upon estimates between company and consumer.


Dear __________,

This is to inform you that we have carefully reviewed your estimate on the parking lot refurbishing. We are planning to contract with you for this work.

We are unable to let this contract immediately, as final approval of expenditures of this nature must come from the head office in New York.

We expect to receive approval or disapproval within the next 30 days. At such time, we will contact you with instructions accordingly.

If we may be of any assistance in the meantime please feel free to contact this office.

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