Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale

An Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale notice from anyone else but your company, might insight a slight panic in with your die-hard customers.

Unfortunately, if your company is calling it quits, announcements such as this one must be made.

We suggest a letter much like this sample to soften the blow.

Your loyal customers will be bummed to hear one of their favorite businesses is closing their doors for good.

What could possibly uplift those downed spirits?  A SALE!

Whether opening your doors for the first time or closing them for the last, a sale is a sale, is a sale.

Your customers might be sad to see you go, but they'll happy to help make your last hours open busy and profitable.

Enjoy this little letter.


Dear ___________, 

It is true, we are going out of business!

My wife and I have decided that now that the children are grown, we are going to do some of things we could only dream about for so many years.

So, starting on ___ [date]__ , everything in our store which includes our merchandise, our racks, our fixtures, our showcases and even our delivery truck will be up for sale and prices that are too good to be true.

As a good and valuable customer of ours, we thought you would be interested in this advance notice of sale that we are sending out today.

We will look forward to seeing you on the ___ [date]__.

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