Advertising Commitment Form

An Advertising Commitment Form sample form.  Advertising is important if you want to ensure your business and services gets as much attention

as possible.

If you're not up to performing the considerable job yourself, the chink in the armor becomes finding a professional representative to do your business justice.

But you won't be looking to find just anybody!  

You will be on the hunt for a charismatic PR whose primary concerns will be to make your business shine!

They need to be committed to promoting your business and its' services, they need to have your business' best interest at heart, and they should be good at what they do!

This sample form covers the assets of both parties involved, getting the agreed commitment on paper, in black and white.

Cover all your corners, use this sample form for a starter!



CLIENT:_________________________ DATE_________________



Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive

layout, artist's renderings, preparation of

camera - ready mechanicals.

Estimated cost $250.00

(Typography costs are extra)

This commitment form is to serve as Client's written authorization for [firm]     to perform services

and/or contract with suppliers for the above described items or services (radio, television, magazine, publication, outdoor advertising, artwork, production, etc.) on client's behalf. Client's signature also indicates understanding of estimates, prices, terms and liability to [firm] for said items or services.

Alterations or revisions of above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon additional written orders.


DATE__________________________ CLIENT____________________


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