Air Conditioning Service Sales Letter

Air Conditioning Service Sales Letter. If your business services air conditioning units, send this letter out in early Spring and it is sure to bring you new customers!

Many of us would never think to get our air conditioning unit serviced…

and surely don’t realize the consequences of what could happen if we fail to do this and something goes wrong in the dead of summer!

Not all may realize it, but those who do will love the time and money they will save using such preventative services.

So, get this letter out to let your potential customers know why they need their unit serviced and why they need to choose you to do it!


Dear ________,


Before the hot summer is upon us, we are recommending that our customers call us to arrange to have one of our service representatives perform a thorough and complete inspection of their air-conditioning systems. 

Throughout our many years of experience we have learned that by taking certain preventative measures such as correcting a minor electrical problem, costly repairs and replacement of parts can often be avoided. 

Another reason we have for suggesting this inspection at this time is the fact that invariably it is during the hottest period of the summer that we are inundated with service requests.  When this occurs, we are unable to provide quick service to all of our valued customers such as yourself.

Won't you give us a call so we can ensure you of a cool and comfortable summer?

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