Airline Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

Here's a Sample Resume Cover Letter for an Airline Customer Service Representative position. The writers style is different than mine, but that's okay; because I can tweak it to meet my needs in short order. What do you think about it?

Anthony Dickens,
32 S Riverview,
14 Three Elms field,
Garby Stourling, GN
(314) 555-5286.
Date: 25th June, 2009.

Kevin Clarke,
HR Manager, XYZ, Inc.,
4 Tiverton Lane,
London SW,
(512) 555-3909.

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I am currently searching for a chance to offer my customer service skills with a leading airline company, and I hope that your company can provide me with that opportunity.

I have six years of experience as a customer service manager, where my charge included served as a primary email and telephone contact for all customer inquires, provided prompt and efficient response and resolution to each inquiry, established customer confidence and satisfaction through timely and accurate resolution of problems.

Additionally, I have excellent customer service skills, uncommon ability to creatively respond to problem situation and apply out of the box thinking, excellent oral and written communication skills.

I would like to join your team as a customer service representative and believe that my skills and experience will be an asset to your organization.

May I meet with you in person to discuss this position and what I can bring to the team? You can contact reach me at 898-376-2927.

Thank you for considering me for this position.

Anthony Dickens

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