Always and Forever... Still

by Judi
(Washington, Illinois, USA)

Remember when we were first married? Somehow in all those whispered "I love yous" the question was asked "No matter what?" - and answered - "I will love you always - no matter what."

Another question was asked..."How long will this last?" and answered, "Forever." And so we began to sign every card, every letter with I Love YOU, Always and Forever.

I love you always...still. Even though there have been times I didn't like your actions, I love you... always.

Even when you have seemed to reject me and my dreams and hopes, I loved you.... still. In the good times and bad times, we have muddled through,always; and our love has grown stronger -- in all ways.

Forever seems a long time. Yet, when you are young and in love, forever seems like it can never be long enough.

But the truth is, as you grow older and experience more of life you realize that Forever can happen in a moment and change everything.

I fell in love once... forever. And Forever is not really a long time - it is only a series of moments strung together like pearls--an infinite strand of love.

So today, so many years later, I can still say - I Love You... Always and Forever ....Still! Judi

Comment: Judi, every time I read this letter the song "Always and Forever" by Heatwave comes to mind. The two are - a beautiful combination...a perfect fit. Here's the song. I hope you and readers of your letter enjoy it. Thanks for your submission. Lanard

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