An Unexpected Gift from my Very thoughtful Ex-Girlfriend

by Mark

When we were still together, my ex-girlfriend always see to it that I get a gift come February 14 so, I kinda get used to it since we've been together for more than five years.

Then, the unexpected came and we broke up. It was an emotional one because it was nearing the month of love when we did so, it was January then.

We went our separate ways and never spoke to each other for more than a month. However, on the first Valentines Day that we weren't together, I received an unexpected gift from her.

It was a black wallet made with genuine leather, the brand that I've been wanting to purchase for the longest time. She knew that I wanted that wallet so badly and she bought it for me even before we broke up.

I was touched by her thoughtfulness to give it to me even after we went our separate ways. I finally spoke to her and thank her for the wonderful gift and the wonderful time we've spent together.

It was an emotional reunion for us and we almost got back together. I still keep her gift because, aside from the fact that I really like it and it's expensive, it was given by a very special woman whom I almost marry.

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