Angel Gift Ideas

angel gift ideas

Angel Gift Ideas. Here are some angel gifts that inspire, motivate and encourage survivors of lost loved ones to get through the difficulty dealing with their loss. Why angels? Because angels watch over our lost loved ones and are also near those who are grieving. Of course there are hundreds of different types of sympathy and condolences gifts tah you can choose from, but angel gifts are...special!Following are some of my favorite ones:

Angel Catcher Remembrance Journal

Keepsake Angel Catcher Journal for celebrating and remembering a loved one  An Angel Catcher Remembrance Journal affords people an opportunity to reflect on loved ones while also memorializing in writing their stories that will etch them into our memories...forever. Click here to learn more

Child Sympathy Angel Figurine for Loss of Infant or Child There's no such thing as a perfect gift in situations like these, but an angel sympthy figurine can help grieving parents, mothers and fathers get back to being as normal as they can be. This 4" inch resin/stone figurine comes in a deluxe gift box. Click here for more...

Reclining Angel Memorial Figurine. The words on this attractive figurine say " "My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him" and can be comforting words to someone grieving the loss of a loved one; whether it's a child or an adult. It also comes with a gift card where you can...