Anniversary Love Letter

Anniversary Love Letter; The Color of Desire,
by Samantha (Portland, OR)

Anniversary Love Letter

When I asked Mina to set me up with someone, because all my own efforts had failed, I didn't expect too much. I mean, you know Mina - she's not too practical. And when he suggested some guy I hardly knew named Marshall B, my reaction was little more than a non-committal "sure".

How was I to know then the wonders we would experience together? Marshall, my dear, I don't know if Mina's suggestion was the work of divine providence or the lucky guess of an amused fool, but I thank her. You complete me.

When I heard that you'd gotten an internship last summer just a couple miles away from where I'd be staying, I was excited.

Charitably - or perhaps you loved me even then, though I was only coming to discover you! - you agreed to meet me at various restaurants from time to time, and together we learned the city. We became a part of its long, hilly streets, of its park benches and little coffee shops. At the "Red and Black" we toasted anarchy and fell in love.

So thank you, Marshall. As we near the anniversary of our first kiss, I look forward to our next, though it be the thousandth. I can't wait to see where you'll take me and what new adventures we'll have.

Ever Yours,

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