Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change

An Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change such as this one, keeps confusion from possibly marring your good customer service


Free delivery is great incentive for your customers and these days it’s pretty much a given. 

So if you need to change up your policies a bit, just make sure you outline this to your customers first.

The differences in your policy might ruffle a few feathers, but ignoring the difference and NOT notifying your customers of the changes might lead to outright anger!

Use this form, it's easy and it's free!


Dear ___________,

There has been a change in our delivery service policy which we would like to bring to your attention.

We have always provided free delivery for any orders placed with the [firm], regardless of the size of the order. Due to the increase in the price of fuel, we must now limit this free delivery service to any orders over $ ____, not including the purchase of cigarettes. We regret the necessity of imposing this restriction.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being one of our most valued customers.

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