Announcement of New Area Representative Visit

An Announcement of New Area Representative Visit letter is just the thing to ensure that a meet and greet of the new rep won't cause too

much of an upheaval amongst the crew. Change doesn't normally go over smoothly.  

Those that do are because there has been time for preparation and some knowledge of the new differences that will become the norm.

This applies to any and all changes.

An announcement such as this will keep some relative calm in your workplace and puts any apprehension your co-workers and employees will have to rest. 

With apprehension gone, your employees are better prepared and will perform at their best during the visit. 


Dear __________,

We have assigned [name of rep] as our new representative for your area. [name of rep] has been with our firm for quite some time and is extremely experienced in all aspects of our production.

[name of rep] will be coming to [name of city] on [date] and will be calling on you in the morning if that doesn't conflict with your schedule. If there is any problem with that date, please let us know.

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