Announcement of New Area Representative

This Announcement of New Area Representative letter keeps your employees properly informed and therefore prepared for anything. 

New, means change and sometimes with change comes apprehension.

No director or manager would desire their team members and employees to wade in that type of stressful environment.

A stress-less environment is an efficient one.

Keeping the stress level down in the office won't even be that difficult of a task.

Just give notice.

An announcement of what to expect will keep most of the apprehension that does arise down to a low tremor. 

And the heads up is sure to get employees to mind their p’s & q’s as well.


Dear _________

It is my great pleasure to advise you that [name of new sales representative] will now be representing our firm in your area.

[name of individual] has been handling our accounts in [locale] for some time and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of [specify].

Your new representative is scheduled to visit your office on [date].

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