Announcement of Price Increase

This Announcement of Price Increase sample letter is here to help you announce the 'good' news about current prices. 

No-one  likes price increases, especially if it's with a favorite business where prices are predictably rock steady.

Price increases can be a a bit of nasty business, they are sometimes necessary for growing a business while remaining competitive.

While an increase in costs for products and services will never go over without some unhappiness for customers the announcement letter below can reduce a bit of uneasiness about them


Dear _____________,

Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must unfortunately raise the cost of our merchandise to you.

We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable. We have enclosed our new price list for your review which goes into effect on [date] Any orders placed between now and [date of increase] will be honored at the lower prices.

We wish to thank you for your valued account and know that you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

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