Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods

An Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods letter is mandatory for every business owner who ships goods.

Merchandise is in its most vulnerable state while in transit and will have to be well monitored in order to maintain good customer service.

Whether it's through fulfillment by US Mail, Express Couriers, or via download over the Internet, when in route, delivery time, soundness and satisfaction is key to customer satisfaction.

To put it succinctly, stuff happens and goods and products get damaged - no matter how careful you are in shipping goods.

This doesn't have to be a big problem.  Keep your customers in the loop, send them a note of apology and let them know you will be more than happy to send a replacement.

This sample letter is readily available and can save you the hassle of drafting up one of your own.


Dear ____________,

It was distressing to learn that the chocolate we shipped to your firm last week arrived in bits and pieces. 

Per your request, a new shipment for 30 lbs. left our dock this morning and is scheduled for afternoon delivery to you on May 26th. 

Please turn over the damaged goods to the driver at the time of deliver.

I am sorry that this unfortunate incident occurred and sincerely appreciate your continued patronage. 

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