Apology and Tender of Compensation

This Apology and Tender of Compensation sample letter offers sincerest apologies from your company and offers compensation to valued

consumers. Refunds are inevitable no matter what business you're in.

At some point in time, a customer will want to be compensated for malfunctions, poor performance or inconvenience. 

And while the  compensation  is what they will be most concerned by, receiving an apology and tender of said compensation in letter form will speak volumes for your company's integrity and values.


Dear ________,

Thank you for your letter of [date] in which you informed us that [product]  you purchased was [nature of problem].

We are sorry that you experienced this problem and are enclosing [nature of compensation]. While we make every attempt to insure that our products are [address complaint], this unfortunate incident can occasionally occur.

We are very appreciative that you have taken the time to bring this to our attention and would like to thank you for purchasing our products.

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