Apology for Overshipment

An Apology for Overshipment form is for the rare occasion your company has shipped too much of a particular product that has been ordered. 

And as you might expect it can be a happy accident when they receive more than ordered and expected. 

On the other hand the same can't be said for the company that sells the wares. 

Succinctly stated, sending out goods and products not ordered not ordered can be costly and if done to often can result in disastrous  financial consequences. 

So, when more wares intended are delivered the issue should be addressed immediately. 

Fortunately, a short apology and run-down of the return procedure, easily rectifies the problem.


Dear _____________,

Please accept our apology for having shipped merchandise in excess of your purchase order.

We have made an adjustment in your account to reflect this error and have arranged for [delivery service] to pick up the excess merchandise on [date] .

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and are most appreciative of your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Thank you for your recent order.

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