Apology to Customer for Accounting Error

This Apology to Customer for Accounting Error sample letter extends the company's sincerest apologies for mistakes on their behalf. 

A letter like this sample is a must have to maintain customer satisfaction.

Upon an accounting inquiry of a valued customer, the first step should be to hunt down the possible mistake. 

The next, is to correct any account errors found and send notice to the customer on any actions you are to take. 

An apology is a great place to start and so is this sample letter.


Dear ________,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your account number ____________. We were able to track down the error and have credited your account accordingly. A report to this effect has also been sent to our credit reporting company.

As of this date, your account balance is $_____________.

You are a valued customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this mix-up may have caused. If we may be of further assistance please contact this office at your convenience.

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