Apology to Receiver of NSF Check

An Apology to Receiver of NSF Check letter can prove a vital asset in keeping your professional relationships sound and valued. 

Your customers won’t thank you for having their money jammed up due to an error on your behalf.

Having a check returned to them (especially when the fault is not of their own) can be an embarrassment that will keep your customer from continued business with your company. 

So is there anyway this potential mini-crisis can be diffused before tempers flare?

Of course there is!

A written apology is a good first step to keeping the lines of communication open and amiable.


Dear ___________,

When I received your letter of [date] with my check attached marked "insufficient funds", I called my bank immediately.

The gentleman I spoke with, [name] , discovered that the bank had failed to credit my account with a substantial deposit I had made several days prior.

The bank has assured me that they will be sending you a formal letter of apology for their error. Attached is my check in the amount of $ to replace the dishonored one you have returned.

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