Application for Chef in restaurant

by shijoemathew

This applicant for a Chef Position says ...."I hope that you will consider me for this position and I'm confident that it will help your restaurant to be even more famous between Chinese food lovers." Here's the rest of what he says in his resume cover letter...

Dear Mr. insert name;

I'm writing this letter in response to the classified advertisement you published in Daily Classifieds for the post of Senior Chef in your prestigious Feng-Poi Restaurant, in Orlando, Florida. I personally request you to consider me for the position because i think my skills are perfect for this position.

I have ten years working experience in a Chinese restaurant in Chicago as a Senior Chef. There I managed 6 Assistant Chefs catering to the taste buds of at least a 300 food lovers a day. And also I would like to mention that I'm academically well qualified for this position. I have a graduate degree in Hotel Management with specialization in Chinese Cooking.

I had to quit the previous job at Chicago since my family had to move to my parents house in Orlando, Florida. My parents are ill and I have to look after them. Since your Restaurant is in Orlando it would be convenient to be employed by your company.

Please find attached my resume along with this letter. kindly consider me for the position. I promise you that I'll serve you with my best efforts. You can reach me at XXX-XXX-XXXX number to ask me anything about my qualification and experience.

I'm looking forward to a call.

Your Name

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